South Coast of Mykonos Beach Safari
The Beach Safari is a cruise to the best southern beaches of the island. Starting with Ornos beach, where we drop anchor, continuing with Psarrou beach, sailing to the beach of Agia Anna, cruising to the Cape of Scorpio, then Paraga beach, the Paradise, the Super Paradise, the Agrari and lastly the beach of Elia. But, let us begin our journey from Ornos.
Mykonos – Delos & Rhenia Islands
One of the excursions that follow the summer fever of the summer vacation in Mykonos using our yachts, is the Delos Rineia trip.
Starting with Delos… We depart from Mykonos in the break of the day and we sail on the sea westward until the Apollonian light that emits from the island of the God enchants us like the Sirens did with Odysseus and compels us to anchor and visit Delos.
Mykonos Private Diving Excursions
Add a Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Subwing experience in the daily routine of your holidays and Discover the Myconian Underwater Magic World !!!
Mykonos Exploring
Enjoy one of the most popular destination in Europe and discover the magic mykonian world !!!

Mykonos is famed as a cosmopolitan destination among the Greek islands and widely recognised as one of the great travel meccas. It is one of the most touristed islands in the Aegean. This means that visitors should be prepared for loud dance clubs on parts of the island and also for the beautiful beaches with the amazing underwater world and the watersports !!!